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{July 6, 2009}   CANNONBALL!!

That’s how I view this venture. As though I’m running off the edge of a diving board at top speed, hugging my knees to my chest, sucking in all my breath, and hoping to make the biggest splash possible.

Why does it feel this way? Because with the closing of The Ann Arbor News (where I’ve been the staff theater writer for just over five years) now upon us, I’ve decided to do something that isn’t rehearsed or remotely graceful or carefully planned: I’m going to try and comprehensibly cover theater in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi/Chelsea area independently, by way of this site, in tandem with any free-lance opportunities I might have with local publications.

From an economic standpoint, this ambition makes no sense. No one will be paying me for my time and effort and writing. But my hope is that if I just have the guts to continue doing what I love most, then sponsorships, ads, post-show dinners/discussions, etc. will follow and eventually support my theater habit and my passion for arts journalism.

So bookmark the site or subscribe to it, and encourage others to do the same; mention it in your shows’ programs and your theater’s e-mail blasts; Tweet it or Facebook it or do anything you can. Through hard work, persistence, and luck, I aim build up my online following and thus become an information bridge between local theaters and potential audience members. We all need each other as we navigate this seismic shift in journalism.

To this end, I will strive to fill media gaps, covering both professional and non-professional companies whenever possible, perhaps even extending my previous reach when time and opportunity allow.

So come on. Jump in the water with me. It’s kind of stupid and half-baked, but it might also be fun. Let’s see what happens.


Frank Anderson says:

Good luck, Jenn! Maybe if you see more plays you’ll finally understand them better, and then you’ll write universally nice reviews because you will always “get” them! (ha ha)

Hey Jenn, best of luck! I’ve really enjoyed your reviews and writing over the years. There are really a lot of opportunities that can grow from these types of ventures. If you want to brainstorm with me a bit (I’ve done this in other areas), feel free to contact me via e-mail. I really look forward to seeing what you do here. I’ll put up a link for your blog today in my blogroll.

Jenn McKee says:

Thanks, Jen! I really appreciate the encouragement and support. In many ways, I’m looking forward to this new adventure – and I may well seek advice from you along the way, so thanks for the offer!

Sabazel says:

You’ve got a daily reader here! This is such an exciting venture!

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