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{July 15, 2009}   Theater blog 2.0

It’s true. Sadly, this just-launched blog is already in need of updating, since THE DAY I launched it, I was surprised by an offer of a part-time staff position at to cover theater. (A good surprise, obviously, but a surprise nonetheless.)

Though I’m not exactly sure whether I’ll be covering the same variety of companies in the same way in my new position, my guess is that the coverage will still be fairly comprehensive. So where does this leave this blog? 

I’ve been considering this question a lot of late, and I think the obvious answer is that this will be a place where I venture farther than I otherwise would in my articles. Here I’ll have the freedom to explore the less-obvious points of theatergoing – whether that be from the perspective of the audience, the performers, or those whose work happens behind-the-scenes; to address larger questions and issues raised by certain productions; to discuss apparent trends in live theater at both the micro and macro level; to talk about the tricky ethical and social quandaries that inevitably arise in the course of being a critic; and possibly to extend my territory, venturing occasionally to places beyond my usual “coverage area” (including, hopefully, Stratford and the Shaw Festival in Canada).

So that’s it. Hope you’ll stay with me, and thanks for checking in!


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