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{July 30, 2009}   U-M musical theater grads star in online series, “The Battery’s Down”

Attention musical theater geeks: here’s an online series just MADE for you. Plus, if you’re a frequenter of U-M’s musical productions (and you should be), so much the better; you’ll have a blast spotting some very familiar faces.

Last year, U-M musical theater grad Jake Wilson launched “The Battery’s Down” – as in, “The Bronx is up and the battery’s down,” of course – which chronicles the life of a struggling young actor who’s facing humiliating auditions, day-jobs, and bad dates in New York City. Each episode (number #13 is due to appear on YouTube on Saturday) features an original song by an up-and-coming musical theater writer or team; former Wolverines Justin Paul and Benj Pasek provided the series’ theme song; and Wilson’s friends from U-M appear in the series with him, along with some pretty impressive Broadway-star cameos.

Each 20 minute ep is broken up into two parts. Episode one, “The Big Apple,” has a fun, how-many-MT-references-can-you-catch? song; and seeing former U-M MT students performing choreography in various NY locales is a joy.

Episode two, meanwhile, has a fantastically hilarious song called “You Should Be in That.”

Ep three is the weakest I’ve watched so far, despite the cute kid and cameos by “Xanadu” (I SO enjoyed that show) stars Mary Testa, Cheyenne Jackson, and Jackie Hoffman. The featured song’s lyrics are too Hallmark-y and the music is pretty uninspired, too.

Even so, I’m totally hooked on “Battery.” I’ll be checking out more episodes in the near future. ..


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