Jenn McKee’s bio

Jenn McKee is a former staff arts reporter for The Ann Arbor News, where she primarily covered theater and film events, but also wrote general features and occasional articles on books and music.

A graduate of the University of Michigan — and a Michigan Daily alum who wrote theater reviews as a student — she also earned a masters degree in English (Univ. of Georgia) and a master of fine arts in creative writing (Penn State University). Her fiction has appeared in literary journals, as well as the anthology “Best New American Voices 2003,” edited by Joyce Carol Oates.

Currently, in addition to launching this site, McKee is working on a travel memoir titled “In the Driver’s Seat: An Uneasy Bride’s Cross Country Ride with Two Strangers,” and shares a brightly-painted home with her lovely husband, Joe Grekin, and their pig-tailed, one year old daughter, Lily.


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  1. Hey Jenn McKee;
    Always have loved your Ann Arbor News reviews of plays, especially, of course, recent reviews of EMU plays since my son Andy Orscheln has been in some of them.
    In fact, I was trying to find a review of Video Games: A Rock Opera at Cherry Hill since I don’t think I saw it in the paper and thought maybe it would be on the Web someplace and I came across your blog.
    Although I knew the AA News was shutting down essentially (two papers a week with everything online. Boo on that! I just can’t believe it!) I still found your recent empty newsroom blog entry very sad and touching for you, Jo Mathis an old friend of mine (worked at Ypsi Press together), and for all of us who really did enjoy your work (always very fair and balanced) and hers and the paper in general. So I’ve bookmarked this blog at least. Good luck with your plans (another of your entries) on continuing to cover the arts in the area. I would be delighted to learn how you can manage to do that economically speaking. By the way, I think Video Games is a well-planned, well-choreographed hoot, but then I am very biased, whenever any of my three children are concerned or whenever good comedy is concerned. So I’m not really a fair judge of the talent.

    1. Harry:
      Thanks for the kind words – and I saw “Games” when it was first produced at EMU and had a ball! A fun show with some great music. I hope Andy has a fabulous time with it – and maybe I’ll post my original preview or review on here somewhere while it’s being revived at Cherry Hill…
      Thanks again, and hope to hear from you more in the future!

  2. I am an old A – squared person that remembers the “Wiffle tree resturant”. Anyway,
    wondering if any of your Mckee relations go back to Canada in southwestern Ontario?
    An aside, I proposed to my wife under a clutch of lights that resembled a moon for the misbegotten and was enamored by the ironic connections of this blog and my searches today for the Mckees. My aunt Victoria was an an actress in New York during the early 1900s for what is worth.
    Anyway there it is; as we would say in Viet Nam.

    1. Mike:
      I’d love to say you’ve found a connection, but our line of McKees has been rooted in Indiana since the early 1800s, based on the research my father has turned up.
      Thanks for checking in, though, and I loved hearing about both your engagement and your aunt. Nice to see McKees of multiple lines have a penchant for theater. 🙂
      Be well,

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